With the increasing interest in and value of classic cars in original condition, The Upholstery Doctor offers repairs to extend the life of your original interior when possible. For example, split seams and small punctures can often be repaired to maintain near-original condition and at a lower cost than complete replacements. If new upholstery is required, The Upholstery Doctor works with the client to find appropriate materials through various sources, minimizing any differences between the replaced upholstery and the rest of your interior.

Although most of our experience is with older Italian, German, and British sports cars, repairs of other cars often involve similar methods. During the past 15 years, The Upholstery Doctor has strived to maintain originality, as well as to provide quality and integrity in servicing classic cars.

As the The Upholstery Doctor, Tom Ducibella has been an enthusiastic car owner ever since his parents got a Pontiac Firebird in 1967 and he bought a new Fiat 124 spider in 1971. While performing regular basic mechanical maintenance on his cars, he found that "servicing" the upholstery and interior was more challenging, since few shops specialized in small repairs on classic sports cars. In order to maintain his own original upholstery (some of it 30 years old), he bought a professional upholstery machine in the early 1990s and has used it for projects on his own and for a wide variety of other classic cars (see Past Projects). Having been involved in the restoration of his own and others' vehicles, he has been both a concours participant and judge over the years.